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Storage Auctions DVD 1


Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

  • The where, why and how of the lien sale process
  • The hidden treasures that Sean has personally found in storage units
  • The unglamorous, but profitable
  • How to find the "un-crowded" auctions
  • How to always know when and where first.
  • Research to do before you go. Insider tips and advanced strategies to picking the right storage auction.
  • A professional storage auction buyers check list
  • Fast evaluation techniques to keep you from making huge mistakes
  • One cheap piece of technology that can lead you to stealthy profits
  • The one technique that will save you $$ on every unit you buy
  • Why bad weather is your friend and how to capitalize on it
  • What to expect during registration
  • How to avoid paying tax at the auction
  • Supplies to bring for a successful auction
  • The importance of thought and preparation prior to going to the auction
  • "I will just go, watch and learn." Why it's a bad idea.
  • Units and bins to avoid like the plague
  • The biggest mistakes made by Sean, and how you can learn from them
  • It's a business, not a hobby
  • Why you must leave your ego at home and bring your budget
  • Two Golden Rules of storage auctions. If you are not willing to learn these just put your money in a pile and set it on fire now.
  • The Number One Thing Sean does before buying at a Storage Auction. This one single thing will save you thousands of dollars!
  • Where to stand during an auction and why it's important
  • How to scan a unit quickly to determine a buy or pass
  • Take the bidding path less traveled and turn a profit
  • Its fun, but its not a game. Techniques used to evaluate your competitors.
  • The one technique that 99.5 percent of buyers never use, and how it will save you from making a huge mistake

… and much more!


Storage Auctions DVD 2


Sold Your Way!

Winning strategies for selling the stuff you just bought and turning a HUGE profit!

So now you've won the auction, paid your cash and all your profits are locked up in your newly owned merchandise… Now what?

Auctioneer Sean Kelly shares the industry's inside secrets and winning strategies on how to turn huge profits on the stuff you just won at auction.

Over the past 20 years Auctioneer, Sean Kelly has done and seen it all. Consider this your insider's step by step system for the fastest and most profitable ways to turn your newly acquired merchandise into cold hard cash profits!

This DVD learning system is fast paced, easy to follow and shows you everything you need to know in order to start turning huge profits. Sean will share with you what he has mastered over the past 20 years:

  • Little House on the Corner: One technique that is so simple, yet so powerful.
  • Swap Meets: Insider secrets to choosing the proper booth, size and location.
  • Buying Frenzy: Create a buying frenzy at your booth. This single technique will pay for this instructional DVD hundreds of times over.
  • Close More Sales: 5 proven easy-to-use sales techniques that will close more sales than you can imagine.
  • Return on Investment Strategy: One simple to follow, time tested technique thatwill maximize both your ROI and equally important, return on time.
  • One Storage Locker: And a million ways to resell the items. Sean shows you how to find and master 10 resale channels.
  • Appraisals: When and how to use an appraiser, and how to get free appraisals.
  • Free Advertising: The Secrets of using FREE advertising to resell your items.
  • Copy Writing Secrets: Over 20 years of copy writing secrets that will help youto sell faster and at huge profits.
  • Consignment: When, where and how to consign your items.
  • The single fastest and most overlooked way to cash in.
  • Sure Bet: The most overlooked sure bet location to sell your items.
  • More Money Every Time: One negotiating technique that will get you moremoney every time.

… and much more!


Storage Auctions DVD Set


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